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Lifebouy light Lalizas MOB
Lifebouy light Lalizas MOB

Lalizas manufactures and provides to all seafarers maritime lifesaving equipment and miscellaneous items to secure their safety when on board. LALIZAS introduces new products as well as redesigns existing ones always following market’s needs and meeting its requirements.

Lalizas offers you optimum visibility at sea with its classic marine product, the Lifebuoy Light M.O.B which complies with SOLAS and is capable of burning continuously with high luminous intensity.


  • SOLAS/MED and USCG approved
  • Not less than 2cd in all directions of the upper hemisphere for a period of at least 2h (at white color).
  • To be used with 4 alkaline batteries Size D

*Impa Code 330179, 331378

  • Datasheet

  • Certificate
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53100.70000Lifebuoy Light Bracket LalizasST€ 5.00€ 5.00
53100.70030Lifebuoy Light Lalizas MOB SOLAS MED, USCGST€ 16.48€ 16.48