We stand for a circular economy!


Nemad is an ISO140001 certified company that aims to reduce its ecological footprint.


One of the things we try to achieve this with is by offering Resource Boxes. These boxes can be used to collect recyclable goods and then process them into new semi-manufactured or finished products, for example.



As a customer, you buy a Resource Box from Nemad, with which you then collect your used goods (work clothing, safety shoes and other personal protective equipment). The advantage is that you can fill it at your own pace and do not have to pay extra for rental services or other costs. Each Resource box will be provided with a sticker stating your company name and Nemad.


When a Resource Box is full, a report can be made to Nemad, and we will have it collected from you. If desired, a new Resource Box can be delivered immediately. We only collect our supplied Resource Boxes, other extra boxes or bags are NOT accepted. Afterwards you will receive a report on the processing of the recyclable goods.



We work with an all-in price of €35.00 for the purchase, delivery and collection of the Resource Boxes.



Nemad has deliberately opted for a collaboration with DHL. With their GoGreen program, this party aims to achieve 0% emissions by 2050. A big step in the right direction, because before 2025 GoGreen wants to provide clean delivery solutions in 70% of cases, such as electric vehicles and bicycles. Another goal of GoGreen is for DHL and its partners to plant 1 million trees annually.