12 year warranty Lalizas ISO Life rafts


When tested by an authorized Service Station!

Lalizas ISO life rafts have a 12 year fully transferable fabric and seam warranty. This is your guarantee of commitment to quality and complete customer satisfaction.


The condition for the warranty is that the raft has been inspected by an authorized Lalizas Service Station, 2 years after purchase or 3 years from date of manufacture. To maintain the warranty, a 3-year inspection by an authorized inspection station is required.


Nemad is the only officially authorized Service Station in the Netherlands for Lalizas life rafts.


For more information about this or for inspection and testing, please contact us.


The inspection process

Life rafts are a very important means of rescue in both leisure  and commercial navigation. Keeping the survivors out of the water reduces the risk of drowning and hypothermia. In addition, the life rafts are provided with survival equipment such as emergency rations, first aid kits and drinking water.


The inspection

During the inspection, the liferafts are fully inflated and all parts are inspected. If necessary, parts (for example with an expired expiration date) are replaced.


The liferaft can be delivered to our main location at Fokkerstraat 525 and will be processed here. You can contact us for the inspection of rafts of the brands Lalizas, Seago, Plastimo, Arimar and Ocean Safety.


Product range

Of course you can also contact us to purchase a completely new life raft or accessories for this.

More information about the life rafts and the range can be found here in the webshop. In addition, we also have an extensive range of accessories for life rafts. You can find this here in the webshop. For more information, you can of course always contact the office staff at the contact details below.


Inspection terms

After purchasing a new raft, it must be inspected again within a certain amount of time, depending on the certification. Rafts with an ISO certification must be inspected every 3 years. SOLAS-certified rafts must be inspected every year after purchase. This is because the requirements for SOLAS certified rafts are stricter.