ISO certification Nemad Maritime Safety

In its endeavor to continuously improve the quality of its services, Nemad Group has expanded the scope of its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification with the activities of the Nemad Divequipment / Nemad Maritime Safety business.

On April 11th, Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance has audited the activities of Nemad Divequipment and Nemad Maritime Safety. Hereby, the activities of the service station of Nemad Maritime Safety at the Fokkerstraat 513 have been audited in preparation for the approval by the Dutch Shipping Inspectorate as a Solas service station.

The positive outcome of the audit has led to the extension of the scope of the ongoing ISO certifications of Nemad Group and its Companies, Nemad fasteners, Nemad Technical Wholesale, Nemad Divequipment and Nemad Maritime Safety.