Cyalume's lightsticks can be used in various ways in shipping. In addition, the lightsticks do not depend on a battery and are easy to use which makes them the perfect tool in emergency situations. In the videos below, a few demonstrations are given of different uses of the lightsticks.





Man Overboard

Cyalume's S.O.S Signalling and Rescue Light is ideal for marine rescues. An example of the application is showed in the accompanying video. The S.O.S. light can be found here in the webshop.





Vessel marking at anchor

The Snaplight Lighsticks of 15cm (6") can be used for a wide variety of applications. In this video an example of marking a boat when it is stationary. The Sanplights are equipped with a hook for easy hanging. They can be found here in the webshop (12-hour version).





Search & Rescue

In the accompanying video, both of the above items are used. In this case, the Snaplight Lighsticks of 15 cm is attached to the life jacket and during the rescue itself the S.O.S. lightly applied.