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MOB Light & Smoke signal Pyropol
MOB Light & Smoke signal Pyropol

The PyroPol ManOverBoard CF4 – SOLAS/MED approved – is a combined Light & Smoke Signal, especially designed for the connection with a lifebuoy for position marking by day and night and to indicate wind direction during rescue operations.

The MOB CF4 is designed for safe use even on petrol or oil-covered water.
The signal provides 15 minutes of dense orange smoke combined with a unique 360° LED light ring for all-around visibility. The self-activated light has a minimum output of 2 candela for at least 2 hours. It is automatically deployed by releasing an attached lifebuoy, but can be manually activated as well.

Approved mounting height is 30 meters, but the manufacturer tested and permitted up to 200 meters to qualify the ManOverBoard CF4 far beyond the traditional shipping for use on oil and gas rigs, offshore wind turbines an aircrafts.

The signal is designed to be “fit and forget” for its entire service life.

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