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SOLAS Liferafts Oceano DL Lalizas
SOLAS Liferafts Oceano DL Lalizas

Lalizas SOLAS OCEANO Davit Launched liferafts are available in 15 to 25 person variations, and are designed mainly for commercial and offshore use. The liferaft is equipped with external lifelines, retro reflective tapes and deep ballasted water pockets and it can contain either pack A or pack B, the standard equipment as provided by LSA code. The SOLAS OCEANO is manufactured and tested in accordance with SOLAS latest directive ensuring the highest level of safety for the occupants.

  • For use on all kinds of vessels, providing safe evacuation from the vessel’s deck
  • Equipment Packs: SOLAS Pack A or SOLAS Pack B
  • Available Capacities: from 15 to 25 Persons
  • GRP Canister
  • Durable Rubber Fabric
  • Double Chambered Tubes
  • Stowage Height up to 36m (Painter line up to 46m)
  • Insulated Floor for low temperature conditions
  • High Visibility Canopy with SOLAS reflective tapes
  • Fully operational at temperatures from -300C up to +650C
  • Global Service Stations Network
  • Supplied with Deck Cradle in wooden box

  • Datasheet
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53030.79883Liferaft DL 15p Oceano SOLAS A packST€ 5,844.43€ 5,844.43
53030.79887Liferaft DL 15p Oceano SOLAS B packST€ 4,359.73€ 4,359.73
53030.79885Liferaft DL 20p Oceano SOLAS A packST€ 6,193.18€ 6,193.18
53030.79888Liferaft DL 20p Oceano SOLAS B packST€ 5,936.72€ 5,936.72
53030.79886Liferaft DL 25p Oceano SOLAS A packST€ 6,699.61€ 6,699.61
53030.79889Liferaft DL 25p Oceano SOLAS B packST€ 6,427.71€ 6,427.71