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SOLAS Liferafts DL Ocean Safety
SOLAS Liferafts DL Ocean Safety

Davit-Launched liferafts are designed to be deployed on a davit and have all passengers boarded before being safely lowered to the water. They are manufactured to the highest quality standards with polyurethane (PU) coated nylon, ensuring the durability of the liferaft and allowing easy servicing. All models are submitted to 4 times overload test, fully loaded 10 foot drop test, side impact and abrasion test.

Features include a fully enclosed, double-skinned, high visibility canopy complete with SOLAS-grade reflective tape. Liferafts are stowed in round cylindrical GRP containers designed to suit most deck spaces and providing quick access to the lifting bridle. The equipment pack is sealed in a strong water-resistant bag and secured to the internal safety line of the liferaft.

  • SOLAS approved internal and external lighting system
  • Approved up to 40m drop height
  • SOLAS & SOLAS B safety pack options
  • Insulated floor to retain heat
  • Retro-reflective tape to increase visibility
  • Dual zip closure for splash protection
  • Dual tube inflation system
  • Strong inflatable boarding ramp with reinforced ladder for ease of boarding
  • Large water ballast pockets for maximum stability
  • External guide rail
  • Window ties to enable observation port
  • Cylindrical container
  • Global service network

  • RAF5200 Datasheet

  • RAF5202 Datasheet

  • RAF5204 Datasheet

  • RAF5206 Datasheet
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53230.RAF5200Liferaft DL OS 12P SOLAS A PackST€ 6,660.57€ 6,660.57
53230.RAF5202Liferaft DL OS 16P SOLAS A PackST€ 6,855.38€ 6,855.38
53230.RAF5204Liferaft DL OS 20P SOLAS A PackST€ 8,959.32€ 8,959.32
53230.RAF5206Liferaft DL OS 25P SOLAS A PackST€ 9,348.94€ 9,348.94
53230.RAF5210Liferaft DL OS 12P SOLAS B PackST€ 6,446.28€ 6,446.28
53230.RAF5212Liferaft DL OS 16P SOLAS B PackST€ 6,485.24€ 6,485.24
53230.RAF5214Liferaft DL OS 20P SOLAS B PackST€ 8,374.89€ 8,374.89
53230.RAF5216Liferaft DL OS 25P SOLAS B PackST€ 8,764.51€ 8,764.51