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SOLAS Liferafts Compact Ocean Safety
SOLAS Liferafts Compact Ocean Safety

The Compact liferaft is available in sizes 6-16 persons, with the options of SOLAS A & B packs. It is built to the advanced buoyancy of 82.5kg per person, to meet the MSC.295(87) regulations. Designed and developed in-house; the SOLAS Compact is a progression of the military range which Ocean Safety has been supplying to the MOD for over ten years.

The SOLAS Compact offers a 40% space reduction over the cylindrical container, when room onboard is at a premium. It can be stored horizontally or vertically if secured correctly and is ideal for vessels with a freeboard requirement of up to 18m. The liferaft is hermetically sealed to achieve greater protection when stored on deck.

  • Flat Pack
  • 18m Freeboard
  • 40% smaller volume
  • SOLAS A & SOLAS B safety pack options
  • Compact container
  • SOLAS approved internal and external lighting system
  • Insulated floor to retain heat
  • Retro-reflective tape to increase visibility
  • Dual zip closure for splash protection
  • Dual tube system
  • Strong inflatable boarding ramp with reinforced ladder for ease of boarding
  • Large water ballast pockets for maximum stability
  • External guide rail
  • Window ties to enable observation port
  • Global service network
  • Hermetically sealed

  • RAF5006+RAF5020 Datasheet
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53230.RAF5006Liferaft OS COMPACT 6P SOLAS A packST€ 3,420.23€ 3,420.23
53230.RAF5008Liferaft OS COMPACT 8P SOLAS A packST€ 3,867.33€ 3,867.33
53230.RAF5010Liferaft OS COMPACT 10P SOLAS A packST€ 5,404.59€ 5,404.59
53230.RAF5012Liferaft OS COMPACT 12P SOLAS A packST€ 5,795.61€ 5,795.61
53230.RAF5016Liferaft OS COMPACT 16P SOLAS A packST€ 6,419.00€ 6,419.00
53230.RAF5020Liferaft OS COMPACT 6P SOLAS B packST€ 4,022.84€ 4,022.84
53230.RAF5022Life Raft Ocean Safety COMPACT 8 person SOLAS B packST€ 4,607.27€ 4,607.27
53230.RAF5024Liferaft OS COMPACT 10P SOLAS B packST€ 4,996.89€ 4,996.89
53230.RAF5026Liferaft OS COMPACT 12P SOLAS B packST€ 5,386.51€ 5,386.51
53230.RAF5028Liferaft OS COMPACT 16P SOLAS B packST€ 5,970.94€ 5,970.94